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track name perfect fail
play count 9

yes it stopped there because my voice changed in the reff and i gave up HAHAHA

ended up doing weird things at night, but it was fun so forgive me /have no shame

i love supercell



i needed to punch my paranoia in the face and also practice drawing wolves so I took both of them out in one swing

important message

Anonymous whispered: gaah, you replied! *trolls down in tears of happiness T//T after 2 years, or maybe more... ooh so glad to know I'm not scaring you, and previously I didn't know how to see your reply hahaha *stupid me who never uses tumblr. Umm, are you a college student?

omg anon why are you so sweet /happytears/ ahahahah it’s totally okay! >vOb<3<3 yeah, im in my 4th year now so kinda busy these years wahhh ;v; 

oh and btw.

don’t hide, my sweet anon. show me your face >8} *DRAGSYOU*

things i sell at yesterday’s afa

kaneki and touka yeahh want to make tsukiyama but

FINAL HAIKYUU QUEST sticker set is done!

be sure to get them on AFA ID ‘14 guys


doodle at night

should start working on merch


Anonymous whispered: hi! I've been your stalker for about two years now (but don't worry I'm not a crazed fan) I've been so eager to tell you, I'm fascinated by your artworks! They are awesome! I'm also a big fan of your oc Irvine w/ the green hair who dislikes broccoli, he's cute & handsome (and he's a mature man now?). I'm so happy to know you're back and also finally be able to say a word to ya. And I hope I don't scare ya because of the long lines? I wish I could see more of your artworks especially irvine <3

OH MY GOD omg omg omg i don’t know how to respond because im so happy right now ;;;;;7;;;;  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOVING MY ARTWORKS AND MY OC *tears* 

and no anon-chan you didn’t scare me at all because this is the sweetest message i’ve ever had <3<3 REALLY thank you for your support and i hope i can draw more! <3<3


All oc belongs to their owners

fino (black/purple) - shussei

irvy (green) - potapomps

vo (silver) - togerd

rast (red) - me

there’s time when you want to be alone so that you could scream out loud until your vocal chord is broken …without bothering anyone

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